Baala - Tale of Kanha
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A joint presentation of The Walton Arts Center, Dhirana Academy of Classical Dance, and the Ra-Ve Cultural Foundation.
The infant god Krishna, born under a prophecy that he will be killed by his uncle Kamsa, is spirited away to be raised by the cowherd Nanda and his loving wife Yashoda. Yashoda adores the young god, raising him in an atmosphere of love and honor. As he grows to manhood, Krishna has many adventures, loves many women, and makes many miracles. Krishna finally confronts his uncle Kamsa, and in an epic battle slays the one who brought so much torment to him, his family, and the entire region. Baala re-creates this timeless story with amazing music, song, and dance, updated for a modern audience. The events of Krishna’s life—the fights, the romances, the miracles, the final battle—are depicted as a visual feast of spectacular staging and costume. Experience Baala—because we are all the heroes of our own stories!