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The Creative Exchange Fund (CXF) is a one-year multi-faceted programming initiative designed to activate The Medium as a community-led destination by promoting professional performing artists, artist residencies, curatorial opportunities, and music ecosystem development in partnership with the Tyson Family Foundation. Through a series of five funding opportunities, CXF invests in local creative production capabilities and skill sets by subsidizing artist time, access to space, and professional development resources.

In all, CXF will support the creation of more than 24 live performance productions, 24 indoor and outdoor art installations, and over 20 community facing workshops and gatherings for a total of 80 activations in 2022.


The Medium is a CACHE-led project to develop a creative hub which will serve as Springdale and Northwest Arkansas’ flagship destination for artist development, creative production, and public engagement. Located at 214 South Main Street in downtown Springdale, the former Arts Center of the Ozarks building presents the opportunity to be ahead of its time in reinventing the modern era’s arts center.

This 25,000 square foot performing and visual arts center represents an opportunity to expand equity, inclusion, and expression across all artistic disciplines and Northwest Arkansas communities. Serving as a rejuvenated center for Springdale and the entire region, a reinvention of the space will aid in the discovery and development of local creative talent and economies and attract energy and investment from afar.

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In March 2021, CACHE surveyed over 400 Northwest Arkansas artists and 75% reported that the primary impediment to their creative career was a lack of affordable creative space and the time commitment required to test and create new work. Creative Exchange Fund offers expansive opportunities for regional artists to break through those barriers by designating time, resources, and space to create and exhibit new works while simultaneously preparing them to move towards self-perpetuating and long-term sustainability.

The Creative Exchange Fund (CXF) consists of five individually funded programming opportunities:


Leah Grant

Summer 2022

Untitled - Screenprinting shop

I will set up a small screen printing pop-up shop in collaboration with a local artist Pura Coco. As a multidisciplinary artist, it can get tricky to help people understand how other art mediums intersect with each other. Collaborating with a local musician who has similar interests will help expand the community's ideas on what an artist can do outside of their primary medium. We plan host open studio visits, an artist talk, and art exhibition throughout the six weeks for the community. I look forward to screen printing on fabrics instead of paper and using other print ephemera.

Vic Barquin

Summer 2022

Resiliency Forms

During my residency, I will make a collection of large scale paper sculptures reminiscent of natural forms. These biomorphic pieces will encourage the viewer to think about personal sustainability, from both an emotional and economic standpoint. I first became interested in working with paper in this way during the pandemic. To reduce material expenses, I started cutting up old work and making new collages. These paper sculptures will be constructed from the scraps of the scraps, along with junk mail and other recycled materials.

Dani Ives

Summer 2022

Portraits in Nature Fiber Art Series

My artist residency project will be to create a series of needle felted portraits that express my gratitude for and reliance on nature. Needle felting is the process of poking loose wool fibers together with a barbed needle. By carefully adding layers of wool fibers onto fabric, I'll create images that look like paintings in a process I call Painting with Wool.

Junli Song

Summer 2022

Silk: Materiality and Narrative

For my residency, I plan to continue experimenting with a silk stencil painting process I created. I began experimenting with silk and ink sticks as a way to speak through my material choices. My work explores my experiences of inhabiting a liminal space as a Chinese-American. Taking Western techniques of stenciling and using them with ancient Chinese materials is creating a process that is neither Eastern nor Western, but something in between. I would like to continue pushing this development, both in terms of the creation of the silk pieces themselves, as well as how they are displayed.

Janice Almajose Agustin

Fall 2022

Handmade Artist Books

I’m excited to be part of Northwest Arkansas's CACHE/Team 214 Creative Exchange as an artist in residence this Fall 2022! During my residency, I will focus on exploring handmade artists' books studying and developing unique folds, unusual forms, and unconventional structures. My workshops are open to those interested in printmaking, handmade papermaking and book arts. Lastly, I’m passionate about providing access and exposure to communities to the world of artist books that can lead to endless possibilities.

Yanique Graham

Fall 2022


Exploring transformation as a journey, experiencing a series of organic unfoldments that aligns us with our highest potential, which here is being depicted through symbolism and imagery that communicates change growth and new beginnings.
The project provides meaningful opportunities to reflect on life’s journey, brave personal transformations and our relationship to each other and the collective, world around us.
The workshop component will introduce participants to some of the basic tools, paper and skills used in paper quilling, preparing them to start small projects of their own.

Kieran Myles-Andrés Tverbakk

Fall 2022


Tverbakk will create a multimedia installation based on the Huldra, a femme fatale creature in Norse mythology. A seductress who hides her animal tail, she lures men into the forest and kills those who fail to please her. Through sculptures and interactive artworks, the culminating exhibition will explore queerness in being as well as the use of gender as a tool and a weapon.

Markeith Woods

Fall 2022

The American Dream

I'm going to create a large scale painting depicting my idea of progress and as a Black male what I had to experience to get there.

Alejandra Gonzalez Viveros

Winter 2023

Mi Pueblo Magico

My project, Mi pueblo Magico , will be a collection of different pieces ranging from wall art to furniture to fashion statement pieces. Each one will be inspired by my home town of Taxco, Guerrero. I will be taking vibrant colors and imagery that reminds me of home, and making rugs up-cycled from old items. Some of these items will be done by hand and others will be created using my tufting gun. For my workshop I will be hosting punch needling classes to show others how to get started in this craft.

Anna Guyton

Winter 2023

Unapologetic Inhabitance

I envision five monumental paintings featuring a diverse array of fat and queer figures. Larger than life, this series of paintings would envelop the viewer in their unapologetic glory. I hope to provide viewers an opportunity to reflect on their relationship with their own body and those around them, to recognize visible fatness and queerness as something natural and beautiful.

Shabana Kauser

Winter 2023

Shine Series Meets Abstract Art

The artists residency offered by 214 Cache in partnership with Tyson Family Foundation will allow Shabana Kauser dedicated space and time to solely focus on further developing the ‘Shine’ series that will compliment her existing body of work. She will offer a workshop where the community can explore abstract art, and learn about South Asian fabrics. The residency will end with a formal gallery opening at 214 by Cache in Springdale, that will be free to attend, and artwork will be available to purchase.

Lisa Crews

Winter 2023

Inside Out

"I plan to use this residency as a departure from creating work primarily in clay to work in mixed media, making assemblages and collages. For the past two years I have collected unusual wooden boxes and objects hoping to find the time and opportunity to use them to make art. I plan to use imagery from nature, human anatomy, and medical models to create a narrative about trauma and transformation.
I will teach a workshop where students will create assemblages.
I also plan to have an exhibition of the work I create during this residency and hope to include students work.

Aaron Turner

Spring 2023

Black Alchemy Volume 3

My current work looks at the monolithic historical narrative within Art History, and its recognition bias of notable black artists until later in their careers or death. Through the canon of Afrofuturism, digital culture, and artificial intelligence, I incorporate the use of virtual reality into my series Black Alchemy, to create immersive speculative spaces that the viewer to actively be immersed beyond the observational 2-D experience.

"Texas" Smith

Spring 2023

Don't Look Back [Working Title]

A child of Arkansas, "Texas" is returning back to the Northwest after five years up North. They've changed a lot. Arkansas' changed a lot. "Don't Look Back" is a breathing, homespun docu-object of motion image work. It will be shot on Super8 film (and then hand-processed)– most of which will be filmed as the filmmaker returns and studies the people and places we're all becoming. The work is intended to be a narrative feature motion picture as well as gallery images of our bastard land. It is intended to be beautiful, 'to be something very plain... that comforts us all with its honesty.


Spring 2023

Infinite Discrete Space

Infinite Discrete Space will be an immersive experience that plays with light, space, and physical representation of point mappings.

Sara Schellenberg

Spring 2023

Blocking and Binding

Over the course of this project, I will create a series of large scale invented quilt paintings, as well as a large assemblage of curated material collected from community contributions. This project aims to include the local community in the process of the work, both through a public workshop and by integrating contributed materials submitted by the public. The project will culminate in an exhibition that includes both independently created paintings and curated materials.


Thomas James Deeter

Summer 2022

Hermes Rising - Bringer of Dreams Teller of Tales
mixed media/paper
Hermes Rising is a lifesize forest grotto honoring both Hermes the trickster god of the Greeks and our childlike innocence. As we mature into adults some part of us is lost from childhood, but every once in a while we find ourselves alone and drifting back into a place of imagination, memory, and dream. Hermes Rising is a portal into that forgotten space of childhood. The construction entirely made of paper and paper mache draws on the innocent qualities and memories of art class, the smell of glue, or dabbling alone in your room with whatever is at your disposal. When you enter Hermes Rising, you enter the space of innocence, trick, and wonder. It is my hope that the viewer can take a piece of that space from this portal into the world and remember, once again, to imagine and dream.

Arkansas Soul Media

Summer 2022

Feed the Culture: Woman and BIPOC Foodways

Feed the Culture is an indoor showcase of a selection of short documentaries by Womxn and BIPOC filmmakers that focus on food and foodways, featuring several filmmakers from Northwest Arkansas and a few neighboring regions in the state.


Fall 2022


POP A.V. is an interdisciplinary, multi-artist, audio-visual art installation exploring the complex relationships between artists, their work and the audience that views it.
Further, this gallery seeks to examine the creative value of the pop culture and commercial media that has influenced us all for over a century.
What defines contemporary "pop art"? When is a work complete? Who is the intended audience? How does an audience change the meaning of a piece? Why should anyone care?
To be clear, none of these questions will be answered. Humor, Horror and Electric Sex guaranteed.

Thomas Erickson with Unique Creations

Fall 2022

Perennial Meditation
This outdoor activation at 214 turns the entryway into a place of sanctuary, peace and internal reflection. It is alluring to the senses of sight and sound inviting participants to congregate in groups while also offering a place to spend time alone day or night to meditate. This metal sculpture-curated experience is the culmination of the group's meticulously planned and intentional designs displaying each individual's artistry in a unified vision. Come to discover and accept your truths, finding a higher meditation to resonate in for the betterment of your life experience.
The artists include: Thomas G. Erickson, Billy Lindsay, Eugene Martin, and Ben Munson.

Danielle Hatch

Spring 2023

Soft Power: Intersections of Belonging and Public Space


Samantha Sigmon

Spring 2023

Ozark Home: Place, Memory, Practice

What makes a home different from a shelter, and what is specific about home and art in our region? In this group exhibition, artists that have lived in the Ozark region present work alongside ephemera, craft, and relevant issues. In the Ozarks—a place with a long history of making—artists comment on personal space through a combination of handmade objects, installation, new media, and two-dimensional artwork, prompting the question, how can we preserve our cultural landscapes while championing collaboration and growth in a transforming space like Northwest Arkansas?

Art Ventures

Winter 2023

The Fear of the Fearless

The Fear of the Fearless features works by Eric Andre, Vincent Frimpong,
and DeShun Peoples that question why marginalized and displaced
communities are seen as a threat to society and often receive inhumane
and inconsiderate treatment. For generations, marginalized people of
color have met structural barriers that prevent them from achieving their
dreams and thriving.

Paul Siebenthal and Alex Cogbill

Winter 2023


This public scale sculpture is a representation/abstraction of a geological Frustum cluster, a naturally occurring geometric prismatic form. Of interest to us are the compositional qualities of the natural world which we pass through or over or by without experiencing. There’s a logic to natural forms which relate to mathematics, arts, and sciences, which we find repeated at various scales and in a variety of places. They create a physical logic of the material universe. Even though we pass by these manifestations of form without perceiving them, they exist.


Eddie Canyon

June 22, Summer 2022

Screen Savor

As Eddie Canyon cavorts within a confinement of screens, the audience sees him only through the openings in the walls around him, giving an eerie sense of removal and isolation, one that a stage alone could not portray. Littered around the prison are piles of eyeballs - some in piles at the floor in front of the prison, some glued to the screens, some dangling from above. Various images are also scattered around the performance area - advertisements for large consumer brands, posters reading "As Seen on TV", heart icons with numbers, and signs demanding "like and subscribe"...or else.

Ozark Odyssey

June 22, Summer 2022

Cabin Walk

Cabin walk is a concept album about finding yourself connected to the nature around you and the journey we take to the stars.

We will express that message through our performance by using the unique characters we created that will sing about their travels through space and how the earth is changing.

The stage presence will be that of glam rock.The set will have songs about love, fear, discovery, and tales of the Ozarks.


July 6, Summer 2022

Inside Beyond Outside Gone & OLGA

Inside Beyond Outside Gone

Live performance by Ehule using ambisonics, field recordings, acoustic/electronic instruments and throat singing.

Influences are drawn from drone metal, noise, and cinematic sound design. The project explores using sound to induce specific states of consciousness in the listener.

In addition, this performance is part of Ehule's project OLGA (Overcoming Loss, Grief and Anger), named after Ukraine’s patron saint of vengeance and widows. OLGA performs improvisational electronic music to raise money for musicians who are currently fleeing Ukraine because of the war.

Matt Magerkurth

July 6, Summer 2022

The River Looks Back

Jess Harp has a voice that has often been described as “angelic.” In his music he melds the heavy and moody guitar sounds of shoegaze with the choirboy vocals of dreamy pop sounds to create a sound that is at the same time both jubilant and forlorn. The band uses dynamics to juxtapose loud and distorted guitars with softer, more delicate tones. Lyrically, Jess explores ideas of mental health, suicide, and the struggles of interpersonal relationships. The aim of the band is to make people feel something, whether it be an ecstatic urge to dance, or the single tear rolling down your cheek.

Alyssa Murray

August 3, Summer 2022

Alyssa Murray's 'Half & Half'

Audio-visual beat set featuring the songs and tracks of singer-songwriter, keyboardist, and producer Alyssa Murray as well as collaborative, co-written
songs with guitarist, producer, & video artist Adam Schlozman.

Jess Harp

August 3, Summer 2022

Jess Harp

Jess Harp has a voice that has often been described as “angelic.” In his music he melds the heavy and moody guitar sounds of shoegaze with the choirboy vocals of dreamy pop sounds to create a sound that is at the same time both jubilant and forlorn. The band uses dynamics to juxtapose loud and distorted guitars with softer, more delicate tones. Lyrically, Jess explores ideas of mental health, suicide, and the struggles of interpersonal relationships. The aim of the band is to make people feel something, whether it be an ecstatic urge to dance, or the single tear rolling down your cheek.

The Misdemeanors

September 14, Fall 2022

The Misdemeanors

We are an up and coming young, female-fronted, alternative/indie rock band. We write, record, and produce our own songs. Our aim is to create a community of young musicians and supporters, and to promote queer women in the music industry. With the CACHE 214 grant we plan to broaden our audience and community, and improve our equipment and sound.

Jessi Morrison - Singer
Erin Funkhouser - Bassist
Breanna McArdle - Keyboardist
Roen Voorheis - Drummer
Addison McArdle - Photographer
Miranda Shaver - Videographer
Lauren Bell - Designer
Sam Couey - Backup Musician
Grace Kellams - Backup Musician


September 14, Fall 2022

Sunset Avenue

My project will consist of story telling through visuals. Going through the process of finding the way into music. My performance will have dancers, a smoke machine, some merch, and a projector. The projector will display the visual parts or transitions into each segment.

Earl Hazard

October 19, Fall 2022


B.I.R.T.H. is a performance project showing the neighboring music scenes the inner human being and artist that I've become, right under their noses, displaying the vulnerability as an artist compared to a new born, because I'm new to the rest of the world.


October 19, Fall 2022

From the Crates 2 Your Ears

My project, is going to be a showcase, and full representation of my music. Covering my producer side as well as my rapping abilities. This will be done with a cypher at the beginning lasting 15 minutes. This will be an opportunity for people to join in and grow the community as well as showcase my instrumentals. I will then follow with a 30 min set of my own songs. This will be pure Hip Hop coming from right here in Northwest Arkansas.

Victor Charlie & Vraiii

November 30, Fall 2022

Victor Charlie & Vraiii Present: Ninth Sign

From the depths of the indie hip-hop universe, Victor Charlie & Vraiii have emerged to work collaboratively and show renewed strength in the familiar and necessary “producer and emcee” combo that has propelled multiple classic rap albums throughout the times. Thru the use of esoteric and opulent source material, Victor Charlie provides an ample soundscape for vocalist Vraiii to tell his alternative tale of growing -up and experiencing life in the Northwest Arkansas region. Meeting by happenstance in November 2021, “Ninth Sign” is the end result from many nights of unbridled creativity.


November 30, Fall 2022

Impala Super Sport

“Impala Super Sport” is an album that explores blackness, self-empowerment, hood culture, and spiritual transcendence through the ownership of a 1964 Impala Super Sport. It focuses on the influences of the Impala on the lifestyles of Black artists and communities. By exploring themes through ambient storytelling, the live performance of this album will focus on the impact of classic car culture on Black ownership and artistic expression. The album was created by 64velour, a duo from Austin, TX that creates experimental hip-hop with influences from classic boombap, trap, house, and jungle.

The Irie Lions

January 11, Winter 2023

The Irie Lions Reggae Show

For our Reggae show project the Band will be working new original material into an hr and a half set along with a new backdrop for visuals and accompanied Horns players for a full sound experience.

monk is king

November 11, Winter 2023

East/West Expression: A Trip thru our Times and Space

Hermes Rising is a lifesize forest grotto honoring both Hermes the trickster god of the Greeks and our childlike innocence. As we mature into adults some part of us is lost from childhood, but every once in a while we find ourselves alone and drifting back into a place of imagination, memory, and dream. Hermes Rising is a portal into that forgotten space of childhood. The construction entirely made of paper and paper mache draws on the innocent qualities and memories of art class, the smell of glue, or dabbling alone in your room with whatever is at your disposal. When you enter Hermes Rising, you enter the space of innocence, trick, and wonder. It is my hope that the viewer can take a piece of that space from this portal into the world and remember, once again, to imagine and dream.

Miroslava Panayotova

February 8, Winter 2023

A Tapestry of Sorrows and Passions

Bulgarian pianist Miroslava Panayotova will perform a solo piano recital, which includes pieces from various style periods. They will be presented under the theme "A Tapestry of Sorrows and Passions". Each composition on the program will be somehow related to either one or both “threads” of our life’s tapestry. Imbued with sorrow, compositions by Astor Piazzolla, William Bolcom, and Jean-Philippe Rameau will be performed along with some of the most passionately sounding lyrical and dramatic piano works by Frédéric Chopin and Sergey Prokofiev, concluding with "Passion" by Pancho Vladigerov.


February 8, Winter 2023


"Opus" by Princeaus would be an audio-visual performance experience to provide contextual depth to the lyrics behind my music. A story telling evening, where people could hear exactly why I felt each song should be written. An ASL interpreter will present for the duration of Princeaus' set. Inspired by "Pictures in an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky, this'll be opportunity to depict the reality behind the music. The good, the bad and the grizzly. A unique backdrop will work into each tracks' narrative. "Opus" by Princeaus will be an intersectional and accessible community building experience.


March 8, Spring 2023


“Revolca'o” is an audio-visual performance piece that explores themes of migration, belonging, and translation through costume, projection design, and musical performance. “Revolca'o” or Recolvado means "to roll or flip over"; It can mean vanquishing an opponent, throwing yourself upon and over a surface, or an object or thing that has been tumbled and flipped. Part research project and part exploration of relational aesthetics, this performance will express personal narratives through an abstract theatrical lens.


March 8, Spring 2023


Moonsong will be performing a new set, soaked in psychedelia and featuring never before heard music, as well as new arrangements on old material. For the first time, Moonsong will collaborate with a local visual artist to help create visible stimuli in to enhance our live performance and further immerse the audience.

Little yei

April 5, Spring 2023


A concert with DJ and dancers, use of projector for visuals.

Duo Divinas

April 5, Spring 2023

Bachata Music Show

We present a 45-min Bachata Music Show which includes us, 5 musicians, and professional dancers from Raza Dance Studio. We want to integrate dancers to our show because bachata is a new dance and is growing very fast in Northwest Arkansas. Bachata is a genre of Latin American music that originated in the Dominican Republic. A bachata band features five core instruments: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, bongos, and güira.


Love More Records

Summer 2022

Love More Records Launch Party

I am a firm believer that when you operate in a community, you need to become acquainted with it and serve it in some way. The goal of this event is to introduce Love More Records, its artists- some of who are already well known in the area-, and our mission to the Northwest Arkansas community. We want Love More Records to be something that benefits the artists and the communities they derive from, and we feel a great way to do that is to invite the community to engage in a celebration of where we are and what's to come!

Chinelos Morelenses Unidos en Arkansas

Summer 2022

Culture and Tradicion of Morelos

This project will consist of a showcase to promote cultural awareness to anyone who is interested in knowing more about us wherever we go. I plan to involve the Springdale community with my project because that is where it all started. This showcase will be prepared for a week with a showcase on July 25th. All the members of the group would be involved in order to offer different performing arts.

Breaking Habits

Summer 2022

True Grit: Rise and Rebuild

"From the crew who hosted Arkansas's premiere breakance/hip-hop jams, "The HOSPITAL: Only the Illest" and "Fistful of Funk,"--Breaking Habits makes a return with their latest installment, "True Grit: Rise and Rebuild."

A true hip-hop "jam," (especially in the modern context) is a positive, safe, and family-friendly event that showcases the core elements of original Hip-hop culture and empowers individuals and crews to "get down" and feel the DJ's music, the graffiti artist's message, and the emcee's uplifting words in order to compete and express among themselves in "battles" and "cyphers."

Chung Park

Fall 2022

kimbap heaven (김밥천국), after pad thai (still free)

The proposed project called "kimbap heaven (김밥천국), after pad thai (still free)" will be a performance event inspired by the work “pad thai” by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija. The event will be a reinterpretation of the artist's work and reimagining it from my perspective as a Korean American. Food has always been central in Korean culture as well as in my own life. This would be an opportunity to share an experience where viewers and participants in the community can taste a glimpse of what it’s like to eat something new together.

SoNA Beyond with Fernando Valencia

Fall 2022

SoNA Beyond Presents Latin Traces

The Symphony of Northwest Arkansas presents "SoNA Beyond: Latin Traces". Lead artist Fernando Valencia curates and performs a musical program entitled exploring cultural elements that have shaped the Latin American sound world. Different traces of Latin influences and histories are celebrated with collaborators and SoNA performers Lia Uribe, Tomoko Kashigawi, Raul Munguia, Matt Brusca, and Denissa Munguia. The program will include the world premiere of a new piece by Carolina Noguera, as well as the premiere of a new arrangement by Fernando Valencia for the full ensemble of musicians.


Winter 2022

Baang and The Gang

“Baang in the Gang” is a celebration of community, culture, and creativity. We use music, food, art, dance and play as a platform to connect individuals to themselves and one another. The purpose of “Baang and the Gang” is not only to build bridges but also to highlight local artists of all disciplines. Facing rejection in early years from venues and potential partners taught us perseverance as well as the importance of making space for ourselves. Self love, self care, and self worth all begin with self and this is the very heart beat of “Baang the Gang”.

Chloe Bell

Winter 2023

Cache Co-op & Supply Swap

The Cache Co-op & Supply Swap is a free, family friendly community exchange of ideas, artistic knowledge and new-to-you materials. The event will activate 214 with artist demonstrations, co-working spaces, classes, and most importantly a well stocked supply room of secondhand or donated supplies & equipment.

Stray Pulse Production

Winter 2023

[STAIR]ing Forward

[STAIR]ing Forward is going to be a 60 minute mainly modern dance work that explores the ideas of inequity and the weighted impact of societal issues (climate change, gender inequity, cultural inequity, socioeconomic inequity, etc.) on our generations’ future and our ability to conceptualize what our future will entail. We hope that our work will be an active commentary on the overall weight that these challenges hold over our generation, focusing on the emotional and physical landscape created by living through a time in need of great change.

Big Sister Studio

Spring 2023

Big Sister Studio Presents: Short Skirt, Long Jacket

Food, Fashion, Drinks, Music and Market
A dynamic fashion show performance featuring original designs by Big Sister Studio. This collection celebrates the resurgence of Y2K fashion and is directly inspired by the 2001 hit song by Cake, Short Skirt, Long Jacket. As a fashion designer I will explore the silhouette of a short skirt paired with a long jacket. This will be more than a runway show but instead a fashion party.

Paul Summerlin & Diana Michelle

Spring 2023

It's No Secret - Experimental Film and Movement Project

IT’S NO SECRET is a quasi-autobiographical documentary about acute mental illness, profound healing, and triumph over a lifetime of struggle. The story centers around the current life of Paul Summerlin, a yogi and musician, who suffered from a rare form of Schizophrenia all his life, only to be diagnosed as such at age 47. After all those years, Paul decided to go against the grain of modern conventional treatment, believing he could do much better on his own with some of the lessons he had learned along the way, if he kept properly searching.


LatinX Theatre Project

Fall 2022

El Camión de Ensueño: A Community Celebration

LatinX Theatre Project's newest play, El Camión de Ensueño will be the centerpiece of its Platform project. This play follows a group of strangers as they make their way to a community celebration of Día De Los Muertos. Stories of identity, hardship, grief and family turn an uncomfortable bus ride into a journey of introspection and acceptance. Audiences will be invited to memorialize their own loved ones and family members while the production is taking place. LXTP hopes this project will help its community celebrate this important holiday in an authentic, multi-generational way.

Jessica Hale & Matthew Cumbie

Spring 2023

Growing Our Own Gardens: Out and Back Again

Growing Our Own Gardens has evolved into an iterative process that partners with LGBTQ+ artists and organizations to use performance and engagement as a platform to reflect on and reimagine LGBTQ+ life in our country.

Weaving together dance, music, projection, storytelling, and community engagement, we explore notions of queerness, place, memory, and the role making plays in home-making. In specific, we ask: where in my body, and in my community, do I feel at home? What are the places and spaces that helped me feel connected? And when have I had to carve that space out for myself and others?


Applications were reviewed by five separate panels, one for each CXF opportunity. Each panel consisted of members from the 214 Advisory Committee and Leadership Council, CACHE, and representatives of the Tyson Family Foundation. They are experts in at least one artistic discipline, possess an understanding of the creative communities of Northwest Arkansas, and are representative of a variety of communities, experiences, and backgrounds. Please note that panelists who applied for one of the five CXF opportunities could not serve on panel judging that particular fund.

Leadership Council

  • Dick Darden
  • Rachel McClintock
  • Leah Grant
  • Jeremiah Pickett
  • Raine Perrodin
  • Jasper Logan
  • Sativa Velas
  • Anthony Garcia

Advisory Committee

  • Patsy Christie
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Marissa Reyes
  • Heather Chilson 
  • Tareneh Manning 
  • Stacie Bloomfield

Tyson Family Foundation

  • Jordan Garner
  • Archie Schaeffer


  • Amber Perrodin
  • Blake Worthey
  • Evan Alvarado
  • Kat Wilson
  • Lucas Cowan
  • Mario Troncoso
  • Max Perez


  • Bjorn Simmons
  • Kassie Misiewicz

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