The Creative Exchange Fund (CXF) is a one-year multi-faceted programming initiative designed to activate 214 by CACHE as a community-led destination by promoting professional performing artists, artist residencies, curatorial opportunities, and music ecosystem development in partnership with the Tyson Family Foundation. Through a series of five funding opportunities, CXF invests in local creative production capabilities and skill sets by subsidizing artist time, access to space, and professional development resources.

In all, CXF will support the creation of more than 24 live performance productions, 24 indoor and outdoor art installations, and over 20 community facing workshops and gatherings for a total of 80 activations in 2022.


214 is the working name of a CACHE-led project to develop a creative hub which will serve as Springdale and Northwest Arkansas’ flagship destination for artist development, creative production, and public engagement. Located at 214 South Main Street in downtown Springdale, the former Arts Center of the Ozarks building presents the opportunity to be ahead of its time in reinventing the modern era’s arts center.

This 25,000 square foot performing and visual arts center represents an opportunity to expand equity, inclusion, and expression across all artistic disciplines and Northwest Arkansas communities. Serving as a rejuvenated center for Springdale and the entire region, a reinvention of the space will aid in the discovery and development of local creative talent and economies and attract energy and investment from afar.

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In March 2021, CACHE surveyed over 400 Northwest Arkansas artists and 75% reported that the primary impediment to their creative career was a lack of affordable creative space and the time commitment required to test and create new work. Creative Exchange Fund offers expansive opportunities for regional artists to break through those barriers by designating time, resources, and space to create and exhibit new works while simultaneously preparing them to move towards self-perpetuating and long-term sustainability.

The Creative Exchange Fund (CXF) consists of five individually funded programming opportunities:







Applications were reviewed by five separate panels, one for each CXF opportunity. Each panel consisted of members from the 214 Advisory Committee and Leadership Council, CACHE, and representatives of the Tyson Family Foundation. They are experts in at least one artistic discipline, possess an understanding of the creative communities of Northwest Arkansas, and are representative of a variety of communities, experiences, and backgrounds. Please note that panelists who applied for one of the five CXF opportunities could not serve on panel judging that particular fund.

Leadership Council

  • Dick Darden
  • Rachel McClintock
  • Leah Grant
  • Jeremiah Pickett
  • Raine Perrodin
  • Jasper Logan
  • Sativa Velas
  • Anthony Garcia

Advisory Committee

  • Patsy Christie
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Marissa Reyes
  • Heather Chilson 
  • Tareneh Manning 
  • Stacie Bloomfield

Tyson Family Foundation

  • Jordan Garner
  • Archie Schaeffer


  • Amber Perrodin
  • Blake Worthey
  • Evan Alvarado
  • Kat Wilson
  • Lucas Cowan
  • Mario Troncoso
  • Max Perez


  • Bjorn Simmons
  • Kassie Misiewicz


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