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CACHE 2023 Annual Report

CACHE is an intermediary arts organization that helps creatives and arts organizations become stronger and more influential within their communities. Over the past four years, our team has built strong relationships in the creative sector by listening and responding to community needs through several successful projects and programs. However, this is our first annual report!

This report is broken into several sections, many of which, such as financial reports, you may be familiar with. We're excited to offer you these more standard annual report components alongside our team's proudest moments, the crucial information learned about the creative community in 2023, and what we're excited to work on in 2024.

We're grateful to each of you who made our work possible in 2023.

Our Impact by the Numbers

In 2023, CACHE invested


in artists and organizations through


unique grants and




to creatives

I met with Markeith Woods for a studio visit when he was a 2022-2023 Creative Exchange Fund (CXF) Artist in Residence. Following our conversation, I introduced him to Danny Baskin, former Museum Manager for 21c Museum Hotels in Bentonville. Danny and Markeith met and one month later Markeith’s exhibit "Elevate" was hanging on their walls.

Lisa Marie EvansCACHE Director of Creative Development


to organizations

Programs like CXF and organizations like CACHE and [its creative hub] The Medium make a huge difference in an artist's experience in Northwest Arkansas, in particular for artists that have been historically underrepresented in the region's art scene. Opportunities like [our grant] the Platform are a key part of how LXTP is able to do what they do.

Rebecca RivasProgram Director, LatinX Theatre Project, Recipient of a Creative Exchange Fund Platform grant
New York-based artist Blanka Amezkua's exhibition "Hierbitas de Saberes" (Tiny herbs of knowledge)—open February through June 2023—was our final curation for the Famous Hardware building in Downtown Springdale.
"As artists, we can expand our imagination as wide as possible, but it really takes organizations and individuals who are willing to genuinely support and join forces with us to materialize everything our imagination bequests us." — Blanka Amezkua
CACHE Studios provided studio spaces for 18 creatives, working in wide-ranging and diverse mediums, in 2023.
"CACHE studios has given my artistic practice new life! I didn't have the dedicated space to work until I had a space at CACHE. The community [is] so supportive. I've learned it's critical to have community to cheer you on. I love the combination of having my own, dedicated workspace and being within a building that feels like home." — CACHE Studios Artist in Residence
Groundwaves, the hip hop open mic night and mentorship program, returned for it's third season in Northwest Arkansas.
Although most nights were hosted at The Medium, in 2023 our team partnered with INTERFORM's ASSEMBLY to host the June event in one of ASSEMBLY's 19 exhibition spaces.
At the end of 2023, Groundwaves regular, Kevin Contra (pictured here) received an unexpected sponsorship from Coors Banquet in appreciation for his song "Banquet." You can listen to the song on Spotify and Apple Music.
In 2023, we hosted 21 YOLO—our ongoing development series for creatives and organizations—events. To bring YOLO to life, we frequently collaborated with community members and community organizations.
One example of this work is our partnership Little Rock-based Creators' Village, with whom we created a series about the business of the music industry. The session pictured above was hosted by the Fayetteville Public Library's Center for Innovation.
The Medium, CACHE's Springdale creative hub, both offers space to the creative community and mounts programs that bring the community together. One such program, Plains Exchange, launched in 2023. Plains Exchange is a collaboration between our organization, the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, and Tulsa-based artist Shane Darwent.
Antonio Andrews, pictured here, is an American artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Northside. As part of Plains Exchange, Antonio spent two weeks as an artist in residence at The Medium.

The Medium: A Place to Create

In December 2022, our downtown Springdale hub—or venue—officially became The Medium. This name recognizes that if Northwest Arkansas had a true middle, it would be Springdale, while also nodding to our community's creatives and the myriad of artistic mediums in which they work. The Medium is dedicated to providing accessible studio, rehearsal, exhibition, and performance space to Northwest Arkansas creatives and organizations.

In 2023, at The Medium:


Projects Hosted


Dates Held for CXF Events


Dates Held for External Events
Learn about our hub


What Are You Most Proud of Accomplishing in 2023?

I am extremely proud of the work that the Municipal Arts Alliance has done regarding collective learning and the projects we helped initiate with each city.

Lucas CowanDirector of Cultural Policy

NWA Coda, a cohort of nine music nonprofits committed to building NWA's music scene. I’m so proud to play a role in convening these talented leaders.

Preston PoindexterMusic & Events Coordinator

We strengthened our commitment to Welcoming Week and partnered with that team to host thought leaders such as Casey Parks from the Washington Post.

Thalia MadewellOperations Manager, The Medium

It has been a pleasure to inspire NWA dancers to make use of affordable studio space to teach and host workshops and intimate performances at CACHE Studios.

Karen CastlemanDance & Events Manager, CACHE Studios

What We Learned in 2023

CACHE's work unfolds across three continuous and mutually occurring phases: research, develop, and convene. Click the link below to learn what we learned this year in each area of our work.


CACHE continually maps, analyzes, and communicates the creative ecosystem as it evolves, and engages in data storytelling of findings to support public awareness and action.


CACHE strengthens capacity across the arts & cultural ecosystem by providing multi-year & methodical professional development of artists, arts, and arts support organizations


CACHE hosts an ongoing series of curated convenings aimed at specific creative audiences to promote communication and relationship building across the sector. 


What Are You Looking Forward to in 2024?

I’m looking forward to the continuation of our Creative Exchange Fund. We'll keep learning, refining, and applying our knowledge as we go, all while having the opportunity to meet new people and expand our creative horizons.

Cynthia TranEvent & Front of House Coordinator, The Medium

I’m thrilled to launch our second cycle of Tulsa’s Artists Creative Fund (ACF). I’m excited to see another round of artists test ideas, explore collaborations, and build skills in the process of generating innovative creative work.

Lisa Marie EvansDirector of Creative Development

A YOLO event that welcomes the media to build relationships with arts and culture leaders; hopefully resulting in more frequent and insightful storytelling about their incredible work.

Kelsey HowardDirector of Arts Services & Strategic Partnerships

The implementation of strategic programs, built off of pilot programs and community feedback we've received over the past four years; work that will strengthen our local and regional creative economies.

Meghan DaleChief of Staff

Thank You

to everyone who makes our work possible