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Resources, group-based learning and one-on-one consulting for artists and organizations around artistic and business needs

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Help Desk

9 AM – 11:30 AM CST

Help Desk is an open line for any questions you may have regarding available resources, connecting and networking, or problem solving. Depending on the topic, you may be redirected to scheduling 1:1s with Arts Resource Desk Manager Simone Cottrell or scheduling an appointment with another CACHE team member.


By Appointment
45 mins / appointment

1:1s are 45 minute appointments, with a maximum of four appointments per topic. Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Mission statements
• Artist bios and / or statements
• Basic budgeting
• Grant editing assistance

The first meeting will be a consultation about what type of assistance is needed. An action plan will be agreed upon in the consultation. Other assistance options may include directing you to another CACHE team member or a trusted external source.

Finance Fund

In partnership with Nonprofit Finance Fund, CACHE and NFF are offering one free 60-minute office hour sessions per NWA arts and culture nonprofit organization to engage directly with NFF consultants for thought partnership around specific financial challenges they are confronting.

These sessions are intended to be flexible and can address topics like applying webinar content to the specific organizational needs, feedback around financial reporting, budgets, scenario plans, and thought partnership around specific risks and opportunities for organizations, etc.

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All services are at no cost to you or your nonprofit! Helpline and 1:1s are available for individual artists and creatives, as well as NWA arts & culture nonprofits. Sessions with Nonprofit Finance Fund are for nonprofits only. You can reach Arts Resource Desk Manager Simone Cottrell at 918.716.6335 via text or by leaving a detailed voicemail message.

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