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Christopher Felton
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Music / Sound
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Christopher Felton is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Private Instructor, Audio Engineer, Songwriter, Session Musician, and probably a few other things he often forgets to mention, so he typically just uses the phrase “Working Musician”. Having played in bands around town off and on since the early 2010’s he made the pivot to private instruction and production work in 2017, finally opening Southern Terminus Recording in 2021 at the historic Mount Sequoyah Retreat Center. Now after some years finding some semblance of balance as a small business owner, he is returning to writing, recording and performing. A deep lover and advocate for our local culture, you may find him playing in several ensembles at the Folk School of Fayetteville, attending a half dozen assorted events around town weekly, on the bike trails commuting daily, or giving unofficial tours of our beloved Public Library.

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