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Headstone Lawn Chairs (2021)
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Describe you and your work

Based in the Ozarks, Danny is an artist and woodworker focusing on historical craft, often using Judaica, feasting traditions, and mysticism as inspiration. With a background in drawing and conceptual sculpture, the work has shifted over the last few years to focus more on researching bygone methods and designs, which are then recreated and reimagined using local wood, simple tools, and historically accurate processes. This act is not based in a blind reverence for things of the past, but rather a method to more clearly see how things can be done in the present, with a focus on sustainability, local community, individuality in design, and joy.

  • Joshy's Chair (2022)
  • Parker Table (2022)
  • Pearl's Tables (2021)
  • Joshy's Chair (2022)