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September Aspens
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Describe you and your work

Drawing on both my agrarian upbringing and professional experience as craftsman builder, I am drawn to imagery of our collective search for, and creation of, place in the world. A solitary mapmaker surveying the wilderness speaks to our natural instinct to expand as well as our boundless optimism and appetite for it. An abandoned bulldozer, modified for the specific purpose of tree pushing, speaks to our nature to build and to improve the human condition. An old, neglected farm building, persisting only until weather and gravity have done their work, reflects the impermanence of our efforts. Together, this cycle of place-making and deterioration capture our quest for a better life while acknowledging its limitations.

For me, painting is a process of self-discovery as I render the imagery that attracts me, using tools of water, paper, color, and brush to tell a story. My approach is intuitive, allowing flexibility and sometimes producing unexpected results. Often, I paint a subject multiple times, seeking the minimum level of detail that will add moments of delight in the overall emotional narrative. I use the interaction of light, shadow and reflection to explore the mystery of artifacts of the human endeavor.

  • Winter Pond
  • Sierra Mapmaker
  • Pier at Fairhope