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Portrait of Victoria
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I am a life-taught photographer with many years of experience in portraiture, editorial and commercial photography. I enjoy working with clients & creative entrepreneurs from all walks of life. My projects extend from corporate campaigns, to collaborations with advertising agencies, to small businesses and individuals. As an artist at heart, I take great pride in my lighting to tell compelling stories and maybe reveal something about my subjects that has not been seen so far.

Growing up in Germany, I was deeply influenced by paintings of Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt and Caravaggio. On the contemporary side the evocative photography of Loretta Lux and Helmut Newton left a lasting impression on me. I believe that a portrait is the result of everything a photographer and their sitter bring to the set. My European upbringing & cultural influences are quite evident in my work and they are intentional. Everybody, including the photographer, has a wealth of life experiences and they will have an impact on the resulting photograph. I was always intrigued by the human condition and portrait photography, to me, is a way to learn more about people, their stories and their lives. I always strive for both, aesthetics and purpose in my work.

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