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Into the Mystery
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Film / Video / Animation, Multi-discipline, Music / Sound, Performance Art, Visual
Describe you and your work

My work is very personal, I dive deep into the world of fine art photography and experimental film. Movement, art and spirituality intertwine with beautiful collaborations. My work has taken a big shift in the past few years from my dark and macabre black and white fine art photography to deeply meditative experimental video of the up close natural world and it has become equally a satisfying in a more positive manner. I hope to continue this type of work as I continue to find other artists to work with on multi-disciplinary projects involving the metaphysical and creative world. My work has always evoked emotion and now I feel that it still does but in a different way.

  • Serrano-Torres
  • Paul Summerlin
  • Number 13
  • Skyspace - Serranoi-Torres