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Ecstatic Dance Midwest
Dance, Music / Sound
Describe you and your work

Ecstatic Dance Midwest is a small group of coordinators that have been curating community events since 2021. There is great transformation in the act of intentional movement, and we want to share this incredible experience with people of all ages and backgrounds. No prior experience is necessary. So what is it? Ecstatic Dance is free form movement that is intended to bring you closer to your self and your body, while simultaneously taking you to new levels of freedom. Yes, it can feel intimidating/new/vulnerable/unknown/scary/etc, but you’re so much stronger than the confines of your mind! We guide you through the first steps and your body will naturally do the rest. There are a few key principles that we follow to maintain a safe, accepting atmosphere:

•This is a sober space ~ we respect your autonomy, but in this space there is NO alcohol/drug use (this includes mind altering substances). We have noticed that profound healing happens when you show up as your truest self. No crutches, no veils, no intoxicants, just you.

•No cell phone use ~ stay present, stay focused

•No talking on dance floor ~ take it to the sidelines. This allows the individual to go deeper within their personal dance experience

•MUST receive CLEAR consent to dance with another ~ we honor boundaries and have NO tolerance for disrespect

Let's dance!

  • Save the Date! 11/11/22
  • Ecstatic Dance Midwest
  • Ecstatic Dance Midwest