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Jeremy Mason McGraw with his photography lighting invention Halumin.
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Content Creator, Film / Video / Animation, Visual
Describe you and your work

I am both an artist and producer of art projects and collaborations. In 2012 I founded the Creative Energy Project, creating privately funded public art projects around NWA until 2015. My foundation is in photography but I approach most of my artistic projects like a campaign of digital and physical media.

  • Electric Vision - A Creative Energy Project consisting of public events to make light paintings that showcased the culture of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, culminating in a month long public exhibition of the work 2012
  • Sanderson's Meal Pops - An artistic collaboration with Chef Crissy Sanderson presented as a satyrical take on blurring the lines between corporate patronage and art.
  • YARNOGRAPHY - An collaboration with crochet artist GIna Gallina. I developed unique photographic compositions based on Gina's colorful creations and then produced the images and the exhibition of the work in Bentonville.
  • Staypineapple Room Art - This was a commission from the Staypinapple Hotel in Chicago for room art images for the rooms at their new hotel in the historic Burnham Building. The project consisted of five unique images of the building from different perspectives, putting the hole in the center of the composition, that were then printed in BW and hand painted with accents of their bright yellow brand color.