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Slack - Learning Module Visual - Networks
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Graphic Design, Film / Video / Animation, Maker, Visual
Describe you and your work

I am a comic at heart, but all business in the workplace. I love music, art, fashion, and traveling. I am a people person who excels as both a creative individual and a part of a team-based work environment. I will continue to grow as a designer and strive to leave my mark in the creative world. I am available for freelance design work from print to digital, videos to motion graphics, and much more. My design experience is focused on identity & branding, print media, and multimedia design. I have also specialized in Video Production, Presentation Design, Illustrations, Social Media/ Web design, Color Management, and Pre to Post Press Production. As a creative individual, my out-of-the-box thinking coupled with my diligent work ethic is the driving force for efficiency, productivity, and new ideas.

  • Slack - Learning Module Visual - Networks & Chatbots
  • Slack - Learning Module Visual - Networks & Chatbots 2