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Lauren Leonard
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Music / Sound
Describe you and your work

Lauren Leonard's artistic and musical passions were sparked by the
lush forests and rolling hills of the Ozarks, where she grew up
surrounded by natural beauty. From an early age, Lauren knew that
her love for the cello and other forms of artistic expression would
play a vital role in her life, inspiring her to pursue a degree in
Environmental Studies and Anthropology at Luther College. It was
there that she discovered the transformative potential of art and
music in connecting people with each other and with the natural
world, particularly when it came to water justice.
Lauren's work is infused with a deep sense of place, drawing
inspiration from the culture of the Ozarks and the region's unique
identity. She uses a range of media to explore themes of
environmental justice, identity, and fluidity - both in the literal sense
of water and in the metaphorical sense of social and cultural
boundaries. As a committed artist and musician, she seeks to inspire
positive change in the world by building bridges between
communities and advocating for a more just and sustainable future
for all.

Whether through the haunting melodies of her cello or the vibrant
colors of her art, Lauren's work aims to spark conversations about
the complex social, cultural, and environmental factors that shape
our relationship with the natural world. Her vision is one of fluidity,
connection, and renewal - a world where the Ozarks and all its
inhabitants can thrive in harmony with the environment around them.

  • Lauren Leonard