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Marlie Allgood
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Describe you and your work

Marlie Allgood is a painter based in Northwest Arkansas. They gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in painting from the University of Central Arkansas. In their practice, they document characteristic moments from their childhood and current everyday life, leading towards a continued appreciation and understanding of self identity. Marlie has worked in a variety of arts institutions, and is currently a Studio Educator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art where they teach studio classes and create educational programming for the community.

Through my work, I explore half-remembered moments, documenting memories that will hold importance for my future self. I make sense of my own history while understanding small details from my life represent a larger, understood feeling. The more specific I am, the more universal my art becomes. Life is in the details.

My artistic practice respects who I was as a child. I value the independent choices of my younger self and the things she loved. I treasure and collect material items combined with photographs from throughout my life. Then, I paint them as a story to guide my better self, to hold together who I was and who I will be.

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