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Mim Wynne is a fiber artist living and working in northwest Arkansas. Her work has been shown at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York, Takashimaya In New York and Tokyo,
Appalachian Spring in Washington, DC. and Neiman Marcus in Dallas among many others. Wynne has designed fabric for the Cathedral Works at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York as well as for clients in India and Canada. Her production weaving studio, Flying Colors Rugs consulted with and produced custom rugs for interior design firms throughout the US and abroad. Her current work includes four framed weavings depicting the changing seasons in Arkansas. This series was commissioned by the College of Honors for its reading room.

I love playing with color. It is my second self. Much like music, woven forms often lend themselves to color migration and blending. My current work reflects both the harmony and dissonance of color, pattern, transparency, and structure.
When I was a student at Wayne State University in Detroit, Olga Constantine, my design and color teacher and mentor, told me “There are two ways of being wealthy. One is to have a lot of money and the other is to have few needs.” I find working with simple materials to be in the “few needs” category. The inevitable challenge is to use thread in the same way one might use a familiar writing or drawing instrument, scraping below the surface to make a clear-headed yet evocative statement.

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