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Monsterboy LIVES
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North Little Rock
Multi-discipline, Music / Sound
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Little Rock AR - Monsterboy LIVES is the love story of non-binary rocker meets classical girl. Their body of work often involves genre element recombination, using old and odd instrumentation within modern music production. Veronica feels a kinship with the quirkiness of antique instruments, such as a 100-year-old 5-foot-tall bass saxophone and a 1930s Silvertone Accordion. While Chris harnesses the warmth of soulful vocals with vintage keys and guitars from the 1960s-1990s. The couple integrates these iconic sounds with modern-day beats, world percussion, and found sound samples to create their unique brand of Frankenstein songs.

Monsterboy LIVES started releasing singles in 2018. During the pandemic, entertained 7,000 viewers a night via live-streaming from their living room for 60 days during the shutdown. In 2021, the duo wrote a collection of horror songs for the NPR affiliate podcast: Arts & Letters. In 2022, they signed a selection of songs for licensing representation with various agents. In December, the EP Heavy was picked up by the music licensing house APM (part of Universal Music Group) under the label Kinetik Musik, which will be followed by an upcoming album being placed with APM label, Pop Machine.

The couple was discovered at Bonnaroo by in 2017, and graced stages from Pennsylvania to Texas. Members of the Recording Academy, the duo is passionate about artist education. In 2023 both members were awarded the Catalyze grant by The Windgate Foundation and Mid-America Arts Alliance. In a world still clinging to the binary, they celebrate the space in between.

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