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Bauxite, halite, and Quartz. Public scale sculpture in Ft. Smith, AR. 2019.
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Public Art / Murals
Describe you and your work

My sculptural work currently deals with aspects of our natural world which tend to go unnoticed because of scale or context, but which are formally beautiful. I tend to gravitate toward microorganisms and minerals in my recent work. I’ve done large scale public sculpture as well as lots of gallery scale work. I work in fabricated and forged metals. I enjoy producing functional and sculptural metalwork, and identify with the craft of blacksmithing and associate mostly with that fine crafts community, but also enjoy the world of contemporary art.

  • Forged railing.
  • Neurons. Macquette. 2021.
  • Flowering Dogwood. At Highlands Oncology, Springdale, AR. 2021.
  • Forged railing.