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Performing at Format Fest, Credit to Shot by Zeta
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Music / Sound, Performance Art
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Pura Coco, a rising star in the music world, brings a fiery passion to her unique blend of alternative R&B. With a background steeped in Latin culture and a southern upbringing, Pura Coco's music is a melting pot of influences that create a sound all her own.
Born in New York City, Pura Coco's voice is as smooth as butter, wrapping around her lyrics like a warm embrace. Her relatable and heartfelt lyrics speak to the human experience, touching the hearts of audiences and leaving them feeling both seen and heard.
But Pura Coco is more than just a musician - she's a force of nature. Her live performances are electric, leaving audiences buzzing with energy long after the show has ended. Whether she's performing in Tulsa or Northwest Arkansas, Pura Coco is a true artist, creating a connection with her fans that is nothing short of magical.

  • Credit to Shot by Zeta and Fansub
  • Performing at Format Fest, Credit to Shot by Zeta