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Bella Vista
Graphic Design, Multi-discipline, Visual
Describe you and your work

RICHARD LORENZ - creator of the popular series...'BE THE BIRD'! Self taught in a style he calls - ‘Whimsical Be-Real-ism’, Richard paints in traditional as well as digital mediums. Rick’s paintings are of you guys! “I love watching (Bird watching) people in their natural habitat, going about their perceived 'normal' existence, unaware of the inspiration I receive from them on a daily basis. There is always that one Bird that stands out from the flock. This is the Bird not afraid to spread her/his wings. You know the one...big feathers, lots of color, quirky, a bit messy, insecure, but facing the world head on with an unwavering determination to be 'Real'. These are the Birds I paint. The ones who make us believe that no matter what the circumstances, no matter the limitations, we all have the potential to fly above the madness and discover the real, authentic Bird that lives inside.” Richards work can be found in galleries, exhibits and private collections worldwide.

  • 'LOUIE' - 30x40 framed
  • 'FABIOLA' - 30x40 framed
  • Book 2 - 'Be the Bird'
  • Bus Wrap - Crystal Bridges/ORT