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Sara Torbett
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Maker, Multi-discipline, Visual
Describe you and your work

One of my superpowers is being a highly sensitive person. I tend to notice the smaller details, colors, smells, and sensations in life that others might not see at first glance. It is a great joy of mine to share the beauty, interesting things and people, and creativity found through my unique perspective with others. I take and share pictures and videos as much for myself as for anyone else because when I scroll back through my photos or watch a video I've created it lifts me just as much as I hope it does for others. Whether it be through styling a great outfit to wear, building creative displays in my elementary library, designing interesting tablescapes for family dinners, or taking my Nikon for a photo walk to look for colors and textures, creativity is the hum inside my heart, the thing that makes my insides flutter, and the thread that is woven throughout my days as mom, friend, librarian, and more. It is a great honor to share this with others.

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  • Sara Torbett