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Tom Flynn
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Maker, Public Art / Murals
Describe you and your work

Tom Flynn Grew up in west Texas in the town of Odessa and currently lives in Rogers Arkansas. Tom is a former Benedictine brother from a monastery in New Mexico. He has been doing found object metal art for the last 15 years and has public art installations in Rogers and Little Rock Arkansas. He lives in Rogers Arkansas where he works as a lighting and electrical designer. Tom also brews beer and makes home made root beer, writes music and plays several types of musical instruments.

I want my work to look like what it is made out of. I just want to make people smile and maybe look at my work and see that things are not always what they appear to be. I am often inspired by what I find, each piece of metal has the potential to become something more than what it is when combined with other pieces of metal.

Sometimes being a found object metal artist is real close to being a hoarder, as every piece of metal has potential.

I am happiest when I do not have to change the shape of something but by combining it with other parts I can make it become something else.

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