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Cache Media Hub FAQ's

Do you require a security deposit?

We are able to process most orders without a security deposit, however, we review orders on a case-by-case basis. Upon the order review, a fully-refundable deposit may occasionally be required.

When does my rental start and end?

Your rental starts the day the gear is in your hands and ends on the day you return all rented gear back to us.

Do you accept reservations?

Yes, in fact, we recommend them!

When will my pick-up rental order be ready / due back at the Producer’s Rental Outlet?

Pick-up orders are ready (in most cases!) by 10a.m. on the start day of your rental. Earlier pick-up may be available between 9am-10am, provided we have your desired gear in stock on the day prior to your rental. Returning items are due by 4pm on the last day of your rental. Items returned after 4pm are subject to an additional rental day.

What is the cut-off time for returns?

By 4pm, Monday-Friday.

What if I want to keep the gear longer (extend my rental)?

What condition will the gear be in?

The gear may be used and may be cosmetically flawed. However, we guarantee that the equipment, whether new or used, will be in proper working condition when rented out to you.

Do you include protective filters?

We include clear filters with most lenses that have a filter thread. Cine lenses, super-telephotos, and some ultra-wide-angle lenses do not have filters included as they usually don’t have threads. You can see if the lens you’d like to rent includes a filter by clicking on the “Included” tab and viewing all the included items. Please note that this filter is a clear protective filter and not a UV filter. If you’d still like to rent a UV filter, just type “UV filter” in the search bar.

What happens if I forget / lose a lens cap or other accessories?

What happens if I damage something during my rental?

Don’t worry, we won’t be mad, just let us know as soon as possible. We understand that accidents happen. When we receive a piece of gear that has been damaged, we will send you an email summarizing the damage based on our initial inspection. Any additional info you can provide about your experience is helpful and can be provided by replying to the initial damage email. Our team will then send the gear to be estimated & repaired. This process can take 1-4 weeks depending on the equipment. Once the item is repaired we will contact you with the cost and arrange payment. If you carry your own third-party business insurance please note that we expect repair bills settled promptly by the responsible party. We will not work with your insurance company directly to settle claims.

What happens if the gear is lost or stolen?

In both scenarios, you’d be responsible for the new replacement value of the item.

What do you consider damage, or normal wear and tear?

What if I have my own insurance?

Great! Just be sure that you’re actually covered for rental equipment. Please understand that the nature of our business does not allow us to wait for insurance companies for payment. We will work directly with the renter to settle financial obligations immediately.

Do you sell used equipment?

We don’t right now, but keep an eye out down the road!

How is the rental period calculated?

I need help deciding what to rent!

Our team members are available via phone every weekday from 10am to 4pm CST. Give us a call at 479-409-6438 or an email at email us at and one of our team members will be happy to help.

We hope the FAQ’s could answer your questions. Contact if you’d like to become a member.

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