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NWA Music Census

The NWA Music Census is a community-led initiative to gain a better understanding of the needs of our region's music ecosystem. The census captures key information that will lead to more informed, data-driven decisions that support the region's music community.

Who should take the census? Anyone 18 years or older and living in Benton or Washington County of NWA who contributes any type of music-related work, with or without compensation. Anyone who believes their skills and commitment are worthy of acknowledgment and support. This includes part-time work, rarely paid work or volunteer work, and work that is more administrative than creative.

The 10-minute survey will ask questions specific to the realities of music and live entertainment workers, including general information about their demographics and occupation types and their perspective on issues such as belonging and inclusion.

Open May 10 - 24, 2024

Meet the Music Census Cohort

To conduct the census, CACHE is part of a multi-city cohort program, administered by Sound Music Cities, a leading provider of music ecosystem studies and music census work.

The program will allow Northwest Arkansas to gain insight from other cities as well as learn their best practices. The results of the NWA Music Census will be released in the fall and will include three reports: a Summary Report, a Data Deck, and a Belonging and Inclusion report.

Region-wide, members of NWA's music community are invited to become Community Engagement Partners. Interested in becoming a partner? See below.

As an event producer and musician, it's important to hear all the voices of the music community to work together towards a stronger scene for creativity, entertainment, and togetherness. We must lean on our voice and speak out.

Anthony BallProgram Director and Vice President of Music Moves

Leading Partners

Community Partners

Esther Reina | Eric Spahn Music | Cassandra Parks | Gisell Maldonado | Toni Crowder

Become a Community Engagement Partner!

It Takes a Village To Reach a Village!


We’re asking you to send the survey to your music and live entertainment contacts, encouraging individuals to participate. We also will ask you to periodically make social media posts to encourage participation.


Most importantly, representation in the survey results – we want to be as inclusive as possible, which means we want the folks you work with and serve to have their voices heard. We will give community engagement partners a sneak peek of the survey data results before finalizing and publishing our dashboard report. Finally, we would love to add your logo to our list of engaged partners!

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