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 Inaugural cohort reflects diverse work in visual, literary and performing arts and film 

Tulsa, OK | July 28 2023 – The newly formed Artists Creative Fund (ACF) has awarded 20 Tulsa artists $10,000 each to test, explore and create innovative work.

More than 140 artists applied to the Artists Creative Fund, designed to reward the artistic accomplishments of local artists and support the continued development of creative projects in Tulsa. The selected artists, who will debut their work during the grant period (July 2023 - March 2024), are as follows:

  • Antonio Andrews of No Parking Studios will debut a five-part neon series, taking inspiration from Route 66 and the experience of Black travelers who relied on The Negro Motorist Greenbook to travel across the country.

  • David Alan Broome will present a live music performance combining a string quartet, percussion, piano and live electronics with artificial intelligence software developed by the artist to showcase unique musical composition.

  • Greg Fallis of King Cabbage Brass Band will create a short documentary to pair alongside the band’s debut studio album releasing this fall.

  • Symon Hajjar of Hot Toast Music Company will create a field guide incorporating original music, video and educational content that inspires kids to interact with native Oklahoma flora and fauna.

  • Elizabeth Henley will develop two collaborative exhibitions that pair jewelry and visual artists to address women's beauty standards, external and internal value and quality of life.

  • Aaron Jones will exhibit a series of suspended bell-like domes that graphically re-present significant Tulsa interiors as immersive performative venues, incorporating soundscapes recorded in Tulsa and mixed by musical luminary Wesley Taylor.

  • Nic Annette Miller will showcase an interactive public art experience that uses printmaking and sound to educate participants on the natural habitats and importance of bees.

  • Hayley Nichols will explore the act of self-soothing through humming, merging science and art through a collaborative art experience that allows visitors to record their hums and witness the creation of prints in real time.

  • Isabel Perozo will present a Spanish-language play called: ¿Dónde están los gemelos Miller?, telling the story of Amber Miller, a woman who belongs to a mysterious religious congregation.

  • Đan Lynh Phạm will celebrate the enduring history and unwavering spirit of the people of Vietnam, by using traditional Vietnamese lantern-making to create a contemporary, ethereal installation.

  • Rachel Rector will feature the Tallgrass prairie through large-scale, analog and mostly camera-less images of everything that protects and sustains the prairie—stone, soil, fire, seeds and light.

  • Dr. Tamecca Rogers will combine her love for art, education and children to create an animated cartoon series that promotes inclusion and respect.

  • Brad E. Rose will produce an interactive sound performance and installation based around humans’ impact on the environment and the way in which that impact alters the sonic landscape of our world.

  • Amy Sanders de Melo will contribute to an ongoing national discourse on equity through interactive ceramic installations to create opportunities for healing in the midst of isolation brought on by a lingering pandemic, racial injustice and political discord in modern day America.

  • Lindsey Smith will feature a collection of creative nonfiction essays by activists in Oklahoma covering areas such as law, health care (including reproductive and LGBTQIA health), education, immigration, environment, Indigenous nationhood, racial healing and alternative histories.

  • Casii Stephan will produce a one-of-a-kind creative EP release show in Tulsa.

  • Colleen Thurston will produce a feature documentary that shares the stories of a group of water protectors determined to preserve the lifeline of their community and end a cycle of environmental exploitation on the Kiamichi River.

  • Parker D. Wayne will present a fashion show working with creative teams to collaborate on lookbooks and merchandise to showcase their work to the community.

  • Tazmen West of Slow Cozy will produce an EP/LP exploring relationality through difference, tension and connections, seeking to share perspectives and stories of lived experiences.

  • Tate Wittenberg will feature a full-length documentary chronicling the story of Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa’s timeless honky-tonk and an American treasure.

"GKFF is pleased  to nurture the  talent and creativity of Tulsa-based artists. By investing in local talent, we cultivate a thriving cultural landscape that enhances the vitality and identity of Tulsa," said Annie Koppel Van Hanken, chief program officer for GKFF. “Artists Creative Fund is a new investment and one we really hope further spurs artistic expression in our community.”

More information about the artists and their projects can be found at and on Instagram @artistscreativefund.

Developed by the George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF), the annual program launched in 2023 to improve funding, visibility and professional development for Tulsa-based artists and creatives.  Visit to learn more.

GKFF supports more than 20 arts organizations in Tulsa and founded the successful Tulsa Artist Fellowship, which awards three-year, place-based arts fellowships. GKFF is working in partnership with the Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange (CACHE), a Northwest Arkansas based, regional arts services provider, which led the application process and professional development programming.


About GKFF

George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) is a charitable organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through investments in early childhood education, community health, social services and civic enhancement. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, GKFF works primarily on initiatives developed in collaboration with Tulsa-based direct service organizations. For more information about the George Kaiser Family Foundation, visit

About Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange

Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange (CACHE) formed in 2019 to act as the central regional agency committed to connecting, supporting and developing the region’s arts, culture, and creative communities. CACHE brings cohesive vision and strategy to the region’s organic creative activities, uplifting local artists, the nonprofit sector, municipal leadership, creative industries, and arts philanthropy and investments. CACHE programs include the Arts and Culture Bridge Fund, OZCast, region-wide cultural planning, the Music Ecosystem Strategy and Action Plan, ARt Connect and the Creative Exchange Fund.