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SPRINGDALE, Ark. (May 10, 2022)–Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange (CACHE) today announces the recipients of Creative Exchange Fund (CXF) awards. 

CXF is a one-year multi-faceted programming initiative that will activate 214 by CACHE as a community-led art venue. Through a series of five funding opportunities—$169,000 in total—CXF will invest in local creative production capabilities and skill sets by supporting creation and production costs, including participant's time and subsidizing access to space. Accompanying professional development opportunities will be offered. 

CXF will support the development of two large performance based productions, 10 community events, 16 public workshops, 20 musical events, 24 art installations/exhibitions, including eight exhibition activations, for a total of 80 activations by 56 creatives in 2022. Each of these activations will take place at 214 by CACHE.

“The energy of Downtown Springdale is magnetic, and it’s a privilege to be able to contribute to that,” says Olivia Tyson, President of the Tyson Family Foundation. “With the help of our downtown Springdale community and organizations like CACHE, exciting things are happening. We hope this fund emphasizes Springdale's vibrancy, while encouraging an ever-evolving, always-welcoming, safe space for all.” 

Practicing creatives, artists, non-profit organizations, and for-profit creative collectives were eligible to apply for CXF funds. Project proposals were reviewed by a panel consisting of members from the 214 Advisory Committee and Leadership Council, CACHE staff and board of directors, and representatives of the Tyson Family Foundation. 

A full list of the 56 awardees can be found on our website.

About Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange
CACHE formed in 2019 to act as the central regional agency committed to connecting, supporting and developing the region’s arts, culture, and creative communities. CACHE will bring cohesive vision and strategy to the region’s organic creative activities, uplifting local artists, the nonprofit sector, municipal leadership, creative industries, and arts philanthropy and investments. CACHE programs include the Arts and Culture Bridge Fund, OZCast, region-wide cultural planning, the Music Ecosystem Strategy and Action Plan, ARt Connect, and the Arts Resource Desk. Learn more at 

About 214 by CACHE
214 by CACHE, located at 214 S. Main in Springdale, AR, is a re-imagining of the region’s most historic arts space, through a deep community engagement and activation process, to create a destination for non-profit tenants, community events, and individual and group artist residency programs.

About the Tyson Family Foundation
Established in 1970, the Tyson Family Foundation supports efforts for education, health, arts and culture and youth programs as well as a scholarship program for Tyson Foods employees and their families. The foundation has endowed and supported local, regional and national organizations committed to furthering access to knowledge, promoting creativity and supporting communities. The Foundation is currently led by President Olivia Tyson.