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Community-based arts agency, CACHE, equips Ledger to represent local thumbprints of artists and creators 

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (June 30, 2022)—A new partnership with Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange (CACHE) and the Ledger building in downtown Bentonville was announced today. This partnership will connect the community and local artists to Ledger with an engaging artwork experience throughout the property. CACHE and Ledger collectively selected 35 artists with varied mediums, to be featured in the space. Each artist will outfit a designated area of the building including common spaces, nooks, and meeting rooms. This living art collaboration is a true reflection of Downtown Bentonville and the opportunity for Ledger to be a creative landscape for the community. 

“Ledger is built for the community, by the community. Being able to partner with CACHE to help identify, procure, and select art for Ledger allows us to anchor in our commitment to reaching the community.” says Mary Best, director of operations at Ledger. 

Through this process, CACHE and Ledger have been able to connect art, real estate, and economics. CACHE provided Ledger with broad knowledge of this region and its cultural hubs, as well as best practices in working with the artists who live and make work in the region. Although they’ve only been working in the region a short while, their commitment to advocating for the local creative community was essential to this process. 

“Ledger’s commitment to local and regional artists has been at the forefront of this project since day one. It has been a true pleasure working with a company that values the voices of artists, allowing for money, space and time to show the true creative talent that exists here in the Heartland,” says Lucas Cowan, director of public and visual art for CACHE. “It is always amazing to see the diversity of creativity that exists within a region, and now, a small snapshot of that creativity is publicly available here in Bentonville for all to enjoy.”

Included Artists:

Aaron R. Turner, Amber Perrodin, Amy Sanders De Melo, Bryan Frazier, City Girl Farm, Clint Brannon, Crystal C. Mercer, Danielle Hatch, Drew Evans, Emily Chase, Evan Lindquist, Greta Kresse, Hannah Lawrence, Hong Chun Zhang, Janice Almajose Agustin, Julie Alpert, Junli Song, Kasey Ramirez, Kennedie Daniel, Kristin Musgnug, Kurt Templeton, Loring Taoka, Louise Halsey, Maddie McClintock, Meikel Church, Molly Murphy Adams, Neal Harrington, Oluwatobi Adewumi, Rashawn Penister, Sandra Sell, Sarah Turner, Sean P. Morrissey, Stephen Proski, Thomas Coffey & Trent Bozeman


About CACHE:

Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange (CACHE) formed in 2019 to act as the central regional agency committed to connecting, supporting, and developing the region’s arts, culture, and creative communities. CACHE brings cohesive vision and strategy to the region’s organic creative activities, uplifting local artists, the nonprofit sector, municipal leadership, creative industries, and arts philanthropy and investments. CACHE programs include the Arts and Culture Bridge Fund, OZCast, region-wide cultural planning, the Music Ecosystem Strategy and Action Plan, ARt Connect, and the Arts Resource Desk. Learn more at

About Ledger: Located in the heart of downtown Bentonville, Ledger is a multi-use building with six stories of public bike ramps, workplace options, bookable space, and retail. Ledger partnered with CACHE to curate an artistic environment which compliments the local Northwest Arkansas community. Ledger will be the home of Specialized Experience Center and Mertins Eye + Optical. Now leasing office space and will announce opening dates in August. Follow for updates on social media @ledgerbentonville. For information on leasing or workplace memberships, contact