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june, 2022


Event Details

Welcome to the world where one-dimensional design meets three-dimensional ceramics. There are so many flavors of surface design that can be used to elevate and transform any kind of pottery. In this introductory workshop, we’ll explore the wonderful craft of sgraffito (Italian for “scratched”) where color is applied to the outer surface of clay and then scratched away to reveal a pattern or image. No experience necessary! During the workshop, we will create colorful flat wall hangings out of clay using different surface design techniques. Clay, underglazes, and carving tools will be provided. After the workshop, wall hangings will be bisque fired and transparent glaze will be applied and fired. 

This workshop will be led by Shaye Andersona photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator who began working with pottery in August of 2021 at Fifth Street. She loves to create pottery that pushes the limits between sculpture, everyday use, and art.


Fifth Street Studio479-553-7087 1000 SE 5th Street. Suite H, Bentonville, AR 72712