Call For Curators supports both aspiring and practicing curators aiming to create innovative, experimental, resourceful, and community-responsive curatorial approaches to exhibitions and public programs. This opportunity provides deserving curators or curatorial teams the necessary resources to realize an innovative project for either indoor or outdoor gallery spaces at 214. The goal of the program is to encourage community dialogue and to create a platform for emerging curators and artists to experiment and exchange ideas. 


  • Practicing artists, artist groups, non-profit arts and culture organizations, and for-profit creative entities are eligible to apply
  • Applicants from neighboring states (OK, MO, KS, TN, TX, LA) are welcome to apply 
  • Applicants do not need to be Arkansas residents or from neighboring states (some awards will be made to artists/groups/organizations from outside of our region)
  • The ratio of NWA artists featured in each exhibition must be no less than 50%
  • The majority of the funds will be awarded to recipients in the 5 counties (Benton, Washington, Madison, Carroll, and Sebastian) of Northwest Arkansas
  • No prior curatorial experience is necessary


Project proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of members from the 214 Advisory Committee and Leadership Council, CACHE Staff, and representatives of the Tyson Family Foundation.

To determine awards, the panel will consider the following three items: 1) Does the project present opportunities for Professional/Artistic Growth and Risk-taking? 2) Is the project feasible and does the applicant demonstrate the capacity and skill to achieve what they propose? 3) Does the applicant outline a compelling artistic vision or purpose for their practice in general, and does the project concept align with this artistic vision or purpose?


CACHE will aid in developing a system of critical feedback and mentorship in partnership with industry professionals. This process will integrate emerging and established curators during the planning, launching, and post activation phases of the curatorial experience.

To assist in the organization and coordination of rotating artwork through the space, CACHE will assist curators with the logistics and scheduling of delivery and returns, and serve as a consultant to assure that any method for installation align with safety and function of the physical building.

Amount: $4,500
Available Awards: 8
Disciplines: Film/Video/Animation, Fashion, Multimedia Visual Arts, Literature/Poetry, Digital Arts
Timeframe: 7 weeks exhibition time + up to 5 weeks for installation/deinstallation