The Platform will recognize and support performance-based artists and organizations creating, developing or producing new and innovative work. Providing critical performance space financial support, recognition, and public exposure, this fund aims to reward artistic accomplishments to date and to support the continued development of performance-based artists in Northwest Arkansas.


  • Practicing artists, groups of artists, non-profit organizations, and for-profit creative entities are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must reside in Benton or Washington County of Northwest Arkansas
  • Funds are intended to support shows, performances, and productions on the stage of 214; Note, however, that artists, groups of artists and organizations working across any artistic discipline are welcome to apply


Project proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of members from the 214 Advisory Committee and Leadership Council, CACHE Staff, and representatives of the Tyson Family Foundation.

To determine awards, the panel will consider the following three items: 1) Does the project present opportunities for Professional/Artistic Growth and Risk-taking? 2) Is the project feasible and does the applicant demonstrate the capacity and skill to achieve what they propose? 3) Does the applicant outline a compelling artistic vision or purpose for their practice in general, and does the project concept align with this artistic vision or purpose?


Artists and organizations funded by The Platform will participate in a collaborative, professional development cohort in partnership with CACHE. National partners will hold conversations around leadership, production management, scalability, and anti-oppression.

214 will assist in the provision of the physical space requested and available onsite equipment and advertising. Through each stage of production, recipients will have the opportunity to work with the in-house production technician and facility/technical manager.

Amount: $15,000
Available Awards: 2
Disciplines: Performance-based
Timeframe: Up to 3 weeks