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CXF supports emerging talent by providing free space and promoting creative risk-taking


Springdale, AR – The Medium, a center for artistic innovation in downtown Springdale, announces the ten artists and creatives representing the third quarter (April through June) of the 2023-2024 Creative Exchange Fund (CXF). CXF provides fundamental backing to creatives — time, funds, and free space — dismantling barriers so they can connect with audiences and explore new ideas.

 "The Creative Exchange Fund has attracted remarkable individuals, projects, and community members to The Medium, and this new cohort is no exception! It’s exciting to see the vibrancy of Northwest Arkansas’ creative talent come to life in downtown Springdale. We're equal parts thrilled and honored to showcase these bold ideas while welcoming the community into the space," said Amber Perrodin, The Medium’s Artist & Community Manager.

All events are held at The Medium, 214 S. Main St., Springdale, Arkansas.  For event project details and schedules, visit Explore more CXF artists at  The Creative Exchange Fund is supported by the Tyson Family Foundation.

Creative Exchange Fund Quarter 3 Artists and Projects include:

Macy Burr - CXF Medium Artist in Residence
Open Studio Friday, May 31, 6p - 8p
Exploring Music Notation Through Felt Soundscape

Macy Burr will explore how colors, shapes, and materials can represent traditional music notation for visual thinkers. Burr will create a large-scale felt tile soundscape of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, spanning 6’ x 6’, with each of the 672 tiles depicting musical notes.

Paige Dirksen - CXF Medium Artist in Residence
Open Studio Friday, May 31, 6p - 8p
Quilting Community Unity: Collaborative Art-Making 

Paige Dirksen will host community groups for collaborative art-making and teach printing and quilting skills. Together, they will create a quilt, providing an opportunity to refine group facilitation skills. This initiative will pilot the larger goal of community unity through art.  Dirksen plans to exhibit the collaborative work after her residency.

Briseida Ochoa - CXF Producers
Screening and Artist Talk, Saturday, June 8
Workshop with Special Guests from Rios Family Farm, Sunday, June 9
Cempazuchitl: An Experimental Video Art

Briseida “Brioch” Ochoa will create a 7-9 minute experimental video art piece focusing on the Cempazuchitl flower. “20 Petals” explores the flower’s cultivation, origin, significance, recipes, and traditions, specifically in NW Arkansas. Key collaborators include Millie (Copper) Randolph, Ríos Family Farm, Josue Garcia, and C Diz. 20 Petals aims to preserve the flower's history through the lens of local artists, ultimately impacting its legacy.

Julia Paganelli Marin - CXF Producers
Poetry Workshop, Tuesday, April 16 6p
Chapbook Release Party, Thursday, April 18
Seasonal Community Reading, Friday, April 19
Poetic Journey: Workshops, Readings, Chapbook

Julia Paganelli Marin of Bee Balm Arkansas will host two poetry workshops at local NWA bookstores, culminating in a poetry reading and the release of a limited-edition chapbook at The Medium. Local poets, collaborating with writers, creatives, and bookstores, will showcase their work during the project. After her CXF project, Paganelli Marin plans to expand these workshops to foster connections among NWA writers, expand the Bee Balm Arkansas community, and empower more individuals to share their stories through poetry.

Brandy Lee Harris - CXF Platform
Fashion Show and Concert, Friday, June 22
Fashion Meets Rock: "Fit for a Queen”

Fashion Fit for a Queen merges a fashion show with a rock concert. Divided into two acts inspired by Queen albums, Harris’ project is a unique combination of cabaret and runway, set to Queen's music. Magnifico, a Queen tribute band, will provide live music and serve as emcees. Fashion Fit for a Queen focuses on fashion with curated designs, models, and songs, aiming to unite the community through performance, music, and style.

Amber Imrie
Exhibition Open through June 14, Gallery Hours Tue. - Thu. 10a to 5p
Artist Talk Friday, May 31, 6p - 8p
“Chosen Families”: Queer Artists Unite to Explore Identity

Chosen Families showcases Amber Imrie and four queer artists, highlighting their in-person and virtual meetings over six months. Inspired by The Alternative Art School, these sessions sparked new artwork, countering anti-queer sentiments and embracing the concept of chosen families. The Chosen Families exhibition will present both past and new works, encouraging the public to rethink the notion of family.

Cameron Summers - CXF Mixtape Music Series
Mixtape Music Series Concert, Wednesday, April 18, 7p - 9p
Free and Open to All Ages
Jazz-Electronic Fusion Trio: Human Creativity Amplified

Cameron Summers explores the collaboration between multiple human artists and technology, envisioning a jazz-electronic fusion trio. Anticipating collaborations with musicians like Garrett Jones and Fernando Valencia, the project aims to augment live music performance with human creativity. Summers’ work highlights how technology enhances, rather than replaces, human connection and creativity in the music tradition, contrasting the trend of substituting artists with AI.

Theresa Delaplain - CXF Mixtape Music Series
Mixtape Music Series Concert, Wednesday, April 18, 7p - 9p
Free and Open to All Ages
Social Justice Sounds: "Of Children, Mind and Earth”

Of Children, Mind, and Earth presents a musical program for oboe and electronics, focusing on pieces with social justice themes. Works reflecting mothers' grief, concerns about mental illness, and connections to nature will be included. Accompanying videos and natural sounds will enhance the experience. Of Children, Mind, and Earth will provoke thought and awareness, amplifying voices for social justice through music.

Joe Dillstrom - CXF Mixtape Music Series
Mixtape Music Series Concert, Wednesday, May 15, 7p - 9p
Free and Open to All Ages
“The Big Sad”: Deepening Blues and Jazz Sensibilities

Joe Dillstrom will share the early stages of his sophomore album, The Big Sad. Dillstrom will play selections from The Big Sad, deepening blues and jazz sensibilities with honest lyrics that reflect internal conflicts and mental health struggles. Dillstrom will perform live with a small combination on stage for an intimate, engaging experience showcasing the album's themes and mood.

Patti Steel - CXF Mixtape Music Series
Mixtape Music Series Concert, Wednesday, May 15, 7p - 9p
Free and Open to All Ages
Looping Innovation: Seamless Musical Integration

Patti Steel will share an innovative performance showcasing a loop pedal blended seamlessly with various other instruments. Collaborating with local artists proficient in looping, Steel hopes to inspire others to explore the technique. Steel’s performance will serve as both a showcase of abilities and an encouragement for others to experiment with looping in their musical endeavors.