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Census data will be collected between May 10 and 24, 2024


CACHE today announces the NWA Music Census, a community-led initiative to better understand the current needs of our region’s music ecosystem.

The 10-minute survey will ask questions specific to the realities of music and live entertainment workers, including general information about their demographics and occupation types and their perspective on the region’s culture and belonging. This information will help the region make more informed, data-driven decisions to support the music ecosystem.

“As an event producer and musician, it's important to hear all the voices of the music community to work together towards a stronger scene for creativity, entertainment, and togetherness,” said Anthony Ball, Program Director, and Vice President of Music Moves. “We must lean into our voice and speak out."

Those working in the music industry in ANY capacity who are 18 years or older and living in Benton or Washington County are eligible to complete the survey. This includes anyone who contributes any type of music-related work, with or without compensation and includes work that is more administrative than creative. The census is available in English and Spanish and is available to be taken between May 10 and May 24, at 11:59 pm.

To administer this census on behalf of Northwest Arkansas, CACHE has joined a national cohort program that includes cities renowned for their local music communities, including New Orleans, Austin, and Nashville.

“Musicians, venue owners, educators, technicians, and promoters are all part of a healthy music ecosystem” said Don Pitts, President and Founder of Sound Music Cities. “This survey can inform data-driven decisions to support and protect the music that keeps this region authentically Northwest Arkansas”

In Northwest Arkansas, CACHE is partnering with the Cities of Springdale, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Siloam Springs, and Rogers. Regional nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals are invited to become an NWA Music Census Community Partner. In addition to completing the census, Community Partners will encourage their networks to do the same. The short form to become a community partner is available on the CACHE website.

The program—which will allow NWA to gain insight from other cities and their best practices—is organized by Sound Music Cities, a leading provider of music ecosystem studies and music census work. The results of the NWA Music Census will be released in the fall and will include three reports: Summary Report, Data Deck, and a Culture and Belonging report.

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