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CACHE works alongside diverse creative communities across Northwest Arkansas, equitably enabling and advocating for their inspiring visions. 

We believe the health of our arts ecosystem depends on our ability to create exchanges and exposure for those who live and work in our community. We experience our arts scene and our creative economy in all their complex depth and as a result, work alongside nonprofits, businesses, academia, government, tribal nations, and individuals alike.


The Northwest Arkansas Municipal Arts Alliance (MAA) convenes municipal leaders across the region to shape a coordinated policy agenda. MAA equips leaders with policy tools, introduces them to a national network of peers, and contributes to a shared regional strategy. The MAA initiative addresses a need stated by regional leaders: as public spaces, cultural venues, and civic life are transforming across Northwest Arkansas, cities are seeking to foster an inclusive creative ecosystem and to invest in character of place.

MAA is overseen and facilitated by F. Philip Barash, a recognized leader in place-based learning. The Municipal Arts Alliance receives the support of the Walmart Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and participating municipalities.

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Plains Exchange is a platform for discourse and collaboration between artist communities in the Southern Plains and Western Ozark regions. New relationships are fostered by hosting one-on-one conversations, group dialogues, and collaborative projects between artists working in similar, yet largely disconnected regional arts hubs.

Through continued dialogue, artist exchanges, and compelling programming, Plains Exchange is set to become a vital resource within the region and a model for the wider fine arts community across the country.

Plains Exchange is organized in partnership with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and Tulsa-based artist Shane Darwent. In Northwest Arkansas, exchanges are hosted at CACHE creative hub, The Medium.

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The Artists Creative Fund provides funding, visibility, and professional development to artists and creatives living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Through this fund, 20 project-specific awards of $10,000 each will be invested in a diverse group of artists to test ideas, explore collaborations, and build skills.

CACHE is partnering with the George Kaiser Family Foundation to launch the Artists Creative Fund. CACHE is leading the application process and professional development programming.

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