Municipal Arts Alliance

The Northwest Arkansas Municipal Arts Alliance (MAA) convenes municipal leaders across the region to shape a coordinated policy agenda.

Through this year-long program, MAA equips leaders with policy tools, introduces them to a national network of peers, and contributes to a shared regional strategy. Centering arts and creativity, MAA integrates cross-disciplinary connections to pressing issues including creative workforce development, placemaking, active public realm, and diversity and belonging.

The MAA initiative addresses a need stated by regional leaders: as public spaces, cultural venues, and civic life are transforming across Northwest Arkansas, cities are seeking to foster an inclusive creative ecosystem and to invest in character of place.

MAA is overseen and facilitated by F. Philip Barash, a recognized leader in place-based learning.

A Community of Practice

The program is organized around a series of regular gatherings, or “sessions,” conducted by CACHE staff, in consultation with program participants. MAA invites national experts—in domains ranging from cultural planning to municipal finance—to provide inspiration to the cohort and to consult them on specific projects.

Arts and Economic Prosperity 6

CACHE is working with local partners, Arkansans for the Arts and the Arkansas Arts Council, to complete the sixth Arts & Economic Prosperity (AEP6) study. AEP6 will highlight the statewide economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences.

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