The Body Overwhelms

Inspired by processes inside the human body and organisms in our natural environment, sculptor and educator Nicole Banowetz has created a magnified petri dish of organic forms, overwhelming the front windows of the Famous Hardware Store in Downtown Springdale. 

Everyday, our bodies and environments are put under extreme stress by external and microscopic forces, yet remain resilient and adaptable. By enlarging these minute stresses, Banowetz helps us question and comprehend the mysteries we encounter within our physical world. In addressing the unknowable, we are invited to find meaning in unexpected places: in our relationship to the environment and the organisms that help us thrive.

CACHE has commissioned Nicole Banowetz with funding from the Tyson Family Foundation. This Body Overwhelms is on view until August. 

The Jones Center

A campus redesign integrating public art 

With The Jones Center campus redesign project, CACHE supported both the artists and The Jones Center throughout the outreach, application, and selection process.  As members of the overall design team, CACHE assisted the selected artists as they worked alongside architects, engineers and design firms in the initial planning phases, resulting in 3 thoughtful and integrated public artwork proposals.

The selected artists for The Jones Center include Danielle Hatch, Reilly Dickens-Hoffman, and Al “Papa Rap” Lopez.

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Ledger Bentonville

Through this new partnership, CACHE and the team at Ledger—a newly erected co-working space in Downtown Bentonville—selected 35 Northwest Arkansas-based artists with varied mediums who will each outfit a designated area of the building including common spaces, nooks, and meeting rooms. This living art collaboration is a true reflection of Downtown Bentonville and the opportunity for Ledger to be a creative landscape for the community. 


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